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Buying Reports
  1. How to purchase?

    1. First you must register. Once you have an account, proceed as follows:

    2. Enter the name of the company or Company ID into the search field

    3. Choose the required type of financial report

    4. Choose the right type of payment

    5. Download the requested financial report (Basic or Medium Report)

  2. What is the iCRIF wallet?

    The iCRIF wallet is your electronic wallet on You can recharge it at any time and purchase financial reports with your balance.

  3. How long after charging the iCRIF wallet can I use my balance to purchase reports?

    You can purchase financial reports on for 12 months after recharging your wallet.

  4. How can I add money to my iCRIF wallet?

    Choose the required value and transfer it to your iCRIF wallet with PayPal or your credit card.

  5. Save money with the iCRIF wallet

    Choose one of the following amounts and get a bonus after recharging:

    • iCRIF wallet – CZK 1,000: receive a bonus of CZK 100
    • iCRIF wallet – CZK 1,500: receive a bonus of CZK 200
    • iCRIF wallet – CZK 2,000: receive a bonus of CZK 300
    • iCRIF wallet – more than CZK 2,000: a 20% discount for purchases on iCRIF
Products iCrif
  1. How can I activate my account?

    As part of the registration process on, you will get an activation e-mail automatically once you complete all required information. The registration will be completed by clicking on the activation link.

  2. Flexi Report

    The Flexi Report is a comprehensive financial report about companies that is suitable for professional users and, in addition to the Medium Report, it contains the following information – the Cribis Semafor, detailed information about property relations, evaluation of entities in the regional and sectoral context, details about subsidies and in particular historical information about companies.

    Flexi Report – available only in the Cribis web application. More information is available here

  3. How can I register?

    Just click on Register on our homepage and complete the required information.

  4. Medium Report

    Medium Report

    A detailed overview of your business partners – the same information as in the Basic Report supplemented by Index Cribis that evaluates the financial health of companies, credit capacity, likelihood of bankruptcy and other important details.

    Medium Report – sample

  5. How can I create a secure password?

    Consider the following rules when creating your password:

    • A secure password should have at least 8 characters
    • Your password should ideally contain special characters or numbers
  6. Basic Report

    Basic Report

    A quick overview of corporate information – Semafor Cribis alerts you to unfavourable information, sales, profit/loss, financial indicators, leverage, liquidity and other useful data about companies.

    Basic Report – sample


  7. Why registr?

    After logging into the platform, you can use all of our services, monitor your purchases and keep track of your account. You can also use all current bonuses to purchase financial reports.